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Joe's Lock And Key

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Residential Locksmith

Have You Been Locked Out?

If you are experiencing a house lockout in Bakersfield, CA, response time is of the essence. At Joe’s Lock and Key, we understand this and we are equipped and ready to quickly respond to every type of situation. We are open 24/7, so we will always be there to answer your call. We have the experience to get you back inside and to repair or replace anything necessary.   If you’ve had a break-in, or if you’ve lost your keys, we can re-key the locks in your home. For your convenience, we sell several types of high-quality entry locks and deadbolts. Even if you prefer to buy your products elsewhere, we can recommend the best and safest locks available so that you can feel secure.

Temporary and Keyless Locks

If you are a landlord and must evict a resident, we can place a noninvasive, temporary lock on any door. We also specialize in keyless entry locks for homes with security systems—you simply enter the code on the keypad and your door will open. This is an excellent option if you dislike carrying a lot of keys, or if you want a lock that can't be picked. Whether your problem is a broken lock, a lost set of keys, or a house lockout in Bakersfield, CA, give Joe's Lock and Key a call, and we'll take care of all of your locksmith needs!

  • House Lock Out
  • Re-keys              
  • Entry And Deadbolt locks Sold And Installed
  • Keyless Entry Locks
  • Locks Re-Paired
  • Sheriff Lockouts
  • Evictions
  • Much And Much more


Re-Keying A House Lock

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(661) 588-4495